Sunday Sessions

Sunday Session : Cowboy

This week we bring you Cowboy ūüźĺ Name: Cowboy Age: One Location: Germany Instagram: Q1, We have to ask why the name cowboy? My ūüź∂ daddy is from the USA and my pawrents wanted me to have a name that sounds very American! Also they wanted me to have a rather uncommon name so that… Continue reading Sunday Session : Cowboy

Jaspers Judgements

Jaspers Judgements : PawBakes

I am so excited to introduce the all singing, dancing and award winning PawBakes, what a treat. This week we bring you Jaspers Judgements on PawBakes. I love biscuits, as you probably have already worked out from my blog and my human loves to bake, so what's not to love about baking ME cookies!¬†¬†When my… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : PawBakes

Sunday Sessions

Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

This week we bring you a fellow Jasper, Enjoy . Name : Jasper Breed : Sprocker Spaniel Age : 1 year and 6 months Location : Plymouth, Devon Instagram : 1, Since your called Jasper too, we are interested to know, why did you're¬†humans call you¬†Jasper ? Humum is a huge Disney fan and… Continue reading Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

Doggie Blog

Jaspers Judgements : Berkeley Dog Beds 

We all need our beauty sleep, our humans and us pooches need equally as much down time. I have got a bad rep for sleeping, anywhere. I will fall asleep in the funniest and most obscure places and it drives my mum, NUTS.   This week I bring to you Jasper Judgements on Berkeley Dog… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : Berkeley Dog Beds¬†