Sunday Sessions

Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

This week we bring you a fellow Jasper, Enjoy . Name : Jasper Breed : Sprocker Spaniel Age : 1 year and 6 months Location : Plymouth, Devon Instagram : 1, Since your called Jasper too, we are interested to know, why did you're humans call you Jasper ? Humum is a huge Disney fan and… Continue reading Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

Doggie Blog

Stay Cool this Summer 

So as ya'll know it's summer! 🍦There are so many great things about summer, like our hoomans having ZERO excuses to taking us out for a late night game of fetch. Additional benefits include adhock ice creams.  Although we love the summer our hoomans need to remember a few important ways to help us stay… Continue reading Stay Cool this Summer