Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

This week were taking ten with Tayto Name: Tayto Age: 9 months Breed: Labrador Location: Toronto🍁 Instagram: Q1, Hi Tayto, thanks for joining us on Sunday sessions, we are super excited to have you! Can you tell us, three fun facts about you and your pawparents ? Hmmm🤔 1)my name was supposed to be… Continue reading Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

Doggie Blog

Helping Humans With Life

INSTAGRAM So often our humans refer to us as "fur babies"  or a human "family" , my mum calls me "the wee man" and the haters out there squaff and point out that we are ‘just animals’. Recently my humans lost a close family member, and I could just tell my mum just needed me. So… Continue reading Helping Humans With Life