Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

This week were taking ten with Tayto Name: Tayto Age: 9 months Breed: Labrador Location: Toronto🍁 Instagram: Q1, Hi Tayto, thanks for joining us on Sunday sessions, we are super excited to have you! Can you tell us, three fun facts about you and your pawparents ? Hmmm🤔 1)my name was supposed to be… Continue reading Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

Jaspers Judgements

Jaspers Judgements : PawBakes

I am so excited to introduce the all singing, dancing and award winning PawBakes, what a treat. This week we bring you Jaspers Judgements on PawBakes. I love biscuits, as you probably have already worked out from my blog and my human loves to bake, so what's not to love about baking ME cookies!  When my… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : PawBakes