Jaspers Judgements

Jaspers Judgements : Trackr

This week I bring you TrackR Like many of you are probably wondering what could your pooch and this device, have to give one another. Well let me help you. Well lets me be honest our humans would LOVE to know what we get up to when their backs are turned. This device does just… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : Trackr

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Jaspers Judgements : CC Bear 

As you know, Jaspers Judgements are now in full swing and we are delighted this week to bring you another fabulously British product CC.Bear.    Instantly we loved the feel, look and smell of this product. When I opened up the box with a woof of excitement I was memorised by the vibrant colours that… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : CC Bear 

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Jaspers Judgements: NEOH & NOBO 

Wonderful doggie friends, I bring to you an organic, good for the sole, all singing and dancing doggie bakehouse. Neoh & Nobo kindly let us try some of their delicious bakehouse bests and here is what we thought! YUM We are always looking for something a little different and Neoh & Nobo offer just that! From… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements: NEOH & NOBO