Sunday Session: Fearless Freya

This week we are supper stoked to bring you our friend Fearless Freya. She wasn’t always this fearless so read her story below to find out more.


Name: Freya

Age: 1.5(ish) years

Breed: Boxer/Bulldog Mix

Location: Portland, OR



Q1, Hey Freya, can you tell us some fun facts about you and your pawparents?

Hey! Well I am (as my humans would say )  an incredible little pocket boxer. I was rescued from unthinkable conditions having started out my life locked in an auto shed yard down in Southern California. I was Covered in fleas, ticks, cuts and absolutely terrified of everything – Then I landed in my hoomans laps as a foster. Since then, Ive worked hard and done a complete 180 and decided that life is amazing and I need to live it to the fullest. Needless to say, my pawrents “foster-failed” and they decided to keep me!

I am always the first pup in the yard to want to play, explore, give kisses and run around in the sun . I just absolutely love everybody and will do anything for my squeaky tennis ball. Starting off my adventures in the middle of San Francisco, me and my paw parents now live in Portland adventuring every weekend – Mom is a graphic designer and dad is a software engineer.

Q2, Wow Freya, I am so glad that you found your  forever paw parents eventually and it sound like they are GREAT! Well since you like weekend adventuring, what’s your favourite kind of adventure ?

MMM, well I Love love camping or running on the beach with my ball!


Q3, Aw cool, me and my pawparents went Glamping for the first time the other week and it was brilliant. Okay so tell us, what’s the biggest OH NO Freya moment you’ve had so far?

So last weekend I showed my pawparents how much my ball really means to me.. I jumped into a pool of water that was a little deep and well… SANK. My pawparents got such a fright because they through (silly humans) that I was scared of water. Luckily my mummys friend was on hand to be a doggie lifeguard and dove in after me as I haven’t yet worked out the whole swimming thing… one day. Right after I was rescued I was ready to go again, my ball was saved and I was saved all and all this friend was a real hero. My mums camera was the real victim…. as it had to get a good old clean after she dropped it in the sand in a panic.



Q4, OH my goodness, I am not sure what I expected your OH NO moment to be, but it definitely was not that! That’s a serious OH NO moment. Okay last one, if you were to give our doggie friends some advice if there thinking about being a pet foster what would it be !

MMM, Be prepared for anything and have patience. Fostering is an incredible way to not only save dogs and help prep them to find their furever homes, but for people it’s a great way to experience different breeds, learn how to solve all sorts of behavior/health problems in dogs (cause hey we are all different), and just to see if you’re actually ready for the commitment it takes when owning one of me! My paw parents have had fosters for anywhere from a week to four months before they were adopted and it has been insanely rewarding seeing them go to fabulous homes and thrive in their second chance at life.


Thanks so much Freya for being on Sunday Sessions, don’t forget to check her awesome feed out  HERE and my own instagram out too!



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  1. This is so good😍 Oml I love it. Your work is amazing and so is Freya! It is so interesting and I realIy enjoyed reading. I hope one day I’ll get the chance to say something more about me❤ Much love, Mini🐶


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