Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

This week were taking ten with Tayto

ta 1

Name: Tayto

Age: 9 months

Breed: Labrador

Location: Toronto🍁


Q1, Hi Tayto, thanks for joining us on Sunday sessions, we are super excited to have you! Can you tell us, three fun facts about you and your pawparents ?


1)my name was supposed to be Vino, only very few of my first insta furriends know this, and last minute my pawrents decided on Tayto because dad was no longer into Vino.

2) I am a big brother to a kitty, Timbit, and he is a bully. Most of the time i whine out for help…shhhh dont twll my furriemates😳

3) my pawrents love to take me all over the city visiting parks, trails, and even boring city stuff sometimes like the giant rubber duckie


Q2, You have a rubber duck in your city that sounds like a LOT of barking mad fun 😂… we just have highland cows and they are REAL scary! So since you do so much exploring around your city, what’s great about being a pooch in Toronto !

Hahaha there was a HUHE rubber travelling through cities in Ontario and we went to see it at the harbour…its gone now but it drew many crowds😀…Toronto has so many great places to explore even though its such a busy city. It has lots of off leash areas and hiking trails with really friendly pups and owners and for the most part Toronto as a whole is very dog friendly! Especially for mum and dad, pubs in the downtown always have water bowls and let you have us pups with you on patios🤗🍻


Q3, Yay I love third wheeling with my pawparents I get allll the strokes from passersby ! So tell us, what’s your favourite thing to do when your not caring for your paw parents !

Yes third wheeling is fun😁 i love to walk around the apartment squeaking the loudest most annoying toy…especially when mum and dad are watching TV😅 I dont ever tear my toys apart i just like to constantly squeak them🤗 I also like to wrestle with Timbit but,like i said before, that escalates rather quickly😓

Q4, Your so brave fighting with a cat 😳So we ask everyone but what the biggest OH NO moment …. or Tayto NO ….

Lol..the biggest oh no moment thus far has been me barreling through the barracades to Timbits litter box and eating his poop💩 My pawrents know how much i love geese poop so they really should have seen this coming and been more vigilant😋(I will sniff out geese poop at the park and travel from poop pile to poop pile eating it..its really so yummy…if my pawrents would just try it theyd see why im obsessed)

ta 4

Q5, Haha that is brilliant, I’m a huge fan of the cow pat roll … Last question we promise. If there was three great things about being a Labrador what would you say they were ?

Mmmm haven’t tried that yet! There aren’t any cows in Toronto. Being a Labrador is the best!

1) Were always hungry which means im always willing to help someone finish their meal🍗

2)Were super friendly! My whole body wiggles with excitement when i meet pups and people alike.

3)We are super smart! I can learn tricks very quickly which helps with #1! 🤗

ta 5

Thanks Tayto for joining us for #sundaysessions , and we cant wait to follow your next adventures.

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  1. So nice to meet you!!! I have a kitty brother too (and don’t tell but he is the BOSS of ME!!) Tell Mom and Dad to keep the kitty’s litter behind a baby gate. That is what my Mom does so that I can’t get to it at all! Eating cat poop is NOT a good thing! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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