Jaspers Judgements : Trackr

This week I bring you TrackR


Like many of you are probably wondering what could your pooch and this device, have to give one another. Well let me help you.

Well lets me be honest our humans would LOVE to know what we get up to when their backs are turned. This device does just that, and it fits on our collars !

When we first got it, my  mum was thinking of how to best put the product to use. She put it on me and well I run away, and once your out of range then you can track us… suckers. But she came up with another great way of helping her on a day to day.

Although this product is not great for tracking your pooch, purely down to the range that blue tooth provides. It is useful when keeping dibs on the dog lead. Let me paint the picture, its 6am and the alarm goes and its most likely raining cause Hey it always rains in Scotland. My pawparents fumble out of bed, secretly hi 5ing that their jumpers are not on back to front or inside out.

Then my whining starts, I have been holding my pee in (like a good boy) all night long not to mention the mid night snack that I sneaked without my pawparents knowing. I need out and ASAP. Then the ‘no you had it last’ or ‘it could only be so many places’  conversations strike up and before you know it my pawparents are running around looking for my lead like headless chickens.

With the help of TrackR, my mum finds the lead before she fumbles out of bed and the whole morning routine has been significantly streamlined I get my pee quicker and my mums not late for work. BONUS.

We tried out the Crowd Locate, which actually works really well. My pawparents often walk me on their own and when crowd locate was on my mum could see where I was with my dad and my dad with my mum.

We think this is a great concept we would just love a little more range, because being a Labrador I do love to explore.

Thanks for letting us try out the TrackR and we cant wait to give one our in our next giveaway šŸ™‚


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1 Comment

  1. And for inside the house, nanny cam! Jasper, there is nothing quite like knowing your pawparents can see everything you do while they are away. Not only that, but they can ‘encourage’ you refrain when you are doing something you shouldn’t be. In the trash again? Busted! šŸ¾ šŸ¾ šŸ¾ šŸ¾ šŸ¾


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