Sunday Sessions : Introducing Miss Harper Lee

This week we bring you our new blogtastic, wagstatic new golden friend, Miss Harper Lee.
Name: Harper Lee
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 8 years old (birthday: March 17)
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Social Medial Links: Instagram: @thek9harperlee   Twitter: @thek9harperlee
Q1, Harper Lee we have been doing our research and it looks like your one busy pooch, tell us, what does Harper Lee’s perfect day look like ?
First let me thank you so much for including me in your Sunday Sessions. I’m honored. Now, let’s get down to business. I’m a very lucky Golden girl, so most of my days are perfect. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. That means it’s extremely hot and humid right now. As I dictate this to my human mommy/blogging assistant, it’s 2:30 in the afternoon with a heat index of 104. And we haven’t even gotten to the true dog days of summer yet. So, my summer perfect days include plenty of time inside, enjoying the nice refreshing air conditioning, and lots of napping. But in the cooler months, my perfect days are spent on exciting adventures with my humans. We take long walks in some of our beautiful city parks. Sometimes I join them out in the evening at one of our many dog-friendly restaurants. I love a road trip. We’ve spent long weekends at a plantation home bed and breakfast, where I get to pretend that I’m a country girl, and we’ve made a couple of trips to the beach, which I totally loved. As long as I’m with my humans—and as long as I get breakfast, dinner, treats, and plenty of nap time—all my days are pretty perfect, even the hot ones.
harper 2
Q2, Looking at your blog you look like your super involved in the doggieblogging community, how did it happen and why do you love it so much ?
When I was just nine months old, I was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia. My humans were initially a little shocked and worried about how many years I’d be with them. (I’m happy to report that I am now eight years old and doing very well.) My human mommy decided that she wanted to make every single day of my life special. When she read about a blogging class, she decided to pursue it. She thought that blogging would make us do special things together. After all, we need things to write about. (Just for the record, I would have attended the class, but dogs weren’t allowed. That’s how Mommy became my blogging assistant.) My first blog post was September 19, 2012. (The picture above is from that first post. I was just three years old.) Thanks to my blog, I’m also on Instagram and Twitter (@thek9harperlee). There are so many things I love about social media. I love all the activities Mommy and I do for my blog and sharing our experiences. But most of all I love my blogging, Instagram, and Twitter friends. We’ve “met” people, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pigs, lizards, turtles, and rabbits from all over the world.  I’ve traveled halfway across the country to meet my virtual friends, and quite a few have made trips to New Orleans to meet me. It’s a very special community.
Q3, And on top of your blogging status we notice you just got a little sister! How’s it going being the older sibling and will she have her own blog too?
Tallulah joined our family a little more than two years ago. At first it was a bit of a challenge. She had a lot of puppy energy, and I somehow forgot that I was supposed to be the older, wiser one. One day, Mommy sat me down and said, “Miss Lee, you’re the adult. Start acting like it.”  It was much smoother sailing from that point on. I simply love being a big sister. Now about the blog. I let Tallulah make the occasional guest appearance, but blogging is my thing. I’ll just let her watch and learn for a while. (My mommy hopes for a very, very long while.)
harper 3
Q4, Going a little off topic but we have to ask, how do you keep those lushious furry locks looking to smooth and glossy all the time!
Funny you should ask that. I’m a bit of a filthy mess right now. Normally, I go to our neighborhood grooming salon—Hair of the Dog—once a month before I visit a nursing home as part of my therapy dog duties. Miss Morgan keeps my hair soft and shiny. She trims my feet and nails, and she makes sure my ears are clean. But we don’t do nursing home visits in the hot summer months, so I’m a little behind on my beauty routine. Tallulah and I both have grooming appointments next week. Our humans will enjoy our company a lot more after that!
harper 4


  1. Glad you added the link, which is how I found your interview. Good questions, and good job on the replies Miss Harper Lee. It’s always makes reading blogs better the more the reader knows. How fun to have adventures so there is something about which to blog!

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