Puppy 101

So at the grand old age of 1 I would like to share with you my thoughts, insights and top tips in relation to making it through puppy hood.


Lets be clear, puppyhood is not easy for either you or your human so listen up, take notes and ask questions. As some of our previous blogs suggest, puppies are not for everyone – we’re actually really hard work. I know, mum knows, I am worth it.

img_0434But if you have now taken the step into paw-parenthood be warned I have some crazy stages to go through. Like all of our posts, this is just me but I reckon that most you pups out there can relate to at least some of my darker days.

Phase 1 – Sleepy Head

Throughout this phase, I slept anywhere and everywhere. My mum used to play with me for just five minutes and I needed a half hour kip! I snuggled up like a cute little cat in my bed, and often under the sofa and I slept my little puppy heart away until EMERGENCY I needed a pee.


Phase 2 – Crocodile Mode

This is when I started to loose my baby teeth. During this phase my family nick named me the fluffy crocodile. My little sharp puppy teeth where so sore I just had to bite everything, including my mums puffa jacket. It just exploded!

fam 1

Phase 3 – Destructor

This is when my big boy teeth started to come in, and I could do some real damage. I chewed the chairs and all of my beds. I put holes in my blankets and my paw parents socks, and destroyed all of my soft toys … They never got replaced.


Phase 4 – Action Man

I am still slipping in and out of this phase of my life. This is when I’m go go go and just don’t know when to stop. Mum recently has started sending me to daycare and they have to separate me sometimes to help me get my afternoon nap because I just can’t pull myself away from the excitement. I am getting better at saying no to ‘all day’ play and pacing myself but really if there is a good game of catch going I cannot say no…



Phase 5 – Independent Pup

This is where I am right now, I think I know everything and I try to walk myself. I am a big strong independent boy – I even feed myself sometimes.. I just haven’t worked out the tap yet. I now like to go exploring when we’re out on walks, trying out new things without my mum and challenging her to get me to do what she wants. But if the right biscuits are there I’m in.


All in all puppyhood for me, could have been better and could have been worse. My mum always said that potty training me was the easy bit and that when I was a fluffy crocodile she had to work really hard at keeping her temper. Especially when I tore her nice warm puffa coat open and there was a trail of white stuffing the whole way home. But we have got over that hurdle and I am now a stand up gentleman (I think) .







    1. Love this! I am somewhere between fluffy crocodile and destructor at the moment. My mum has had to buy two new pairs of Havaianas as I love the way they feel when I chew them up! There are definitely times when I know that I’m very lucky I’m cute!

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