Sunday Session : Cowboy

This week we bring you Cowboy 🐾Cow

Name: Cowboy

Age: One

Location: Germany


Q1, We have to ask why the name cowboy?

My 🐢 daddy is from the USA and my pawrents wanted me to have a name that sounds very American! Also they wanted me to have a rather uncommon name so that when they call me, I’m the only pup that comes running πŸ˜€ Turns out that the name was a perfect fit because I am obsessed with cows and I like chewing on straws 🀠

Q,2 I love it, now your a fox red labrador just like me… what do you think the best thing about being a fox red is ?

Well, I get quite a lot of attention when I’m out and about with my pawrents, which I like! Most people have never seen a Fox Red lab before and they stop and stare or ask questions! It gets annoying when they refuse to believe I’m a labrador though… Maybe I should wear a T-Shirt that says I’m not a  viszla or ridgeback! πŸ™ˆ


Fox Red


Q3, Oh I know the feeling ! Okay so what’s your favourite game to play with your paw parents ?

I LOVE to play with my squeaky tennis ball! 🎾 Mom and I roll or throw it back and forth between us forever! And I am obsessed with stealing my hoomans things, especially shoes, socks or the TV remote. I get soooo excited when they come running after me! They, however, don’t seem to be very fond of that game. I really don’t get why πŸ™„



Q4, Oh man I am a sock thief too. But that nicely leads me on to … what’s the biggest ‘OH NO Cowboy’ moment so far? 

My pawrents observe me closely so I don’t have much opportunities to get into really big trouble… the “worst” thing I ever did so far was getting up in the middle of the night, stealing my mom’s glasses from the table and chewing on it so she needed a new one πŸ™ˆ

Q5, To be honest for a Labrador your doing well.. we have had some bad ones ! Last question I promise, but if you were to persuade someone to buy a fox red lab what would your top three selling points be ?

What my pawrents have been heard saying about me is that I always make them laugh (even when I’m being mischievous) and that I make their life just better, that I am the snuggliest, most affectionate dog they have ever met and that I learn super fast. So if these are not good selling points I don’t know what is! ☺️ 


Thanks Cowboy for your brilliant answers and everyone check his account out right here!


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