Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

This week we bring you a fellow Jasper, Enjoy .
Name : Jasper
Breed : Sprocker Spaniel
Age : 1 year and 6 months
Location : Plymouth, Devon

1, Since your called Jasper too, we are interested to know, why did you’re humans call you Jasper ?
Humum is a huge Disney fan and so was listing names of Disney characters and when she said Jasper it just seemed to stick. I quite like it too, so I made sure I did a super cute head tilt every time they said it! 

2, Jasper you look like the kind of dude who loves playing ball and running round like a mad man. But where is your favourite place to do this and why?
Definitely, playing ball is my favourite thing to do ever. My favourite place to do it would most definitely be the beach, because there’s just so much space I can do the zoomies, go for a swim and dig some holes, all at the same time as carrying my ball in my mouth! I can also chase the seagulls with me ball – this great fun!
3, When I was just a pup my mum and dad affectionately called me the fluffy crocodile, what is your funniest nickname ?
That’s funny! Mine is very similar – because I’m a Sprocker and I used to be a bit of a biter the humans named me Sprockerdile! I think it’s probably pretty appropriate! 

4, I can see your an active pooch, but what’s your favourite ‘down time’ activity?
Outside the house I am a complete nutter but in the house I’m actually pretty lazy so I spend most of my time napping and dreaming about chasing birds. I’m also a massive foodie so the humans quite often buy me a yummy variety of goodies which I can munch on in my downtime! Cuddles with the humans is another thing I simply love ❤️
5, Now we all have been in trouble at some point but what’s been the biggest ‘JASPER NO’ moment so far… (we have loads)?
Hmm, well I was quite a naughty pup so this was the most common phrase in the house for a long time, however the two that are probably the naughtiest are the time that I ate some of the cake that mum had just made for dads birthday. She was completely unimpressed however she asked for it because she left it on the side to cool!
Or the time when I went through the 5th remote control (I like to chew them because it means that I get attention quickly hehe!
Thanks for letting me be a pet of your doggy blog 🐾❤️

Thanks for your great answers Jasper from another mother, we cant wait to follow more of your adventures on Instagram.
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  1. Sam and Elsa here, not “Jaspers” but boy can we relate to the cake filching. We did that a couple weeks ago on a pizza that was cooling. Our mum wasn’t particularly enamored either. But you are one adorable looking fellow Jasper you featured. 🤣 Thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We ❤︎ visitors.


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