Helping Humans With Life


So often our humans refer to us as “fur babies”  or a human “family” , my mum calls me “the wee man” and the haters out there squaff and point out that we are ‘just animals’.

jasper 2Recently my humans lost a close family member, and I could just tell my mum just needed me. So I sat with her, lay on her feet so she knew I was there and I made sure she had to get up and out to keep her brain active while walking me.

jasper 5But it got me thinking, it’s not only when the big bad stuff happens that we help.  We help all of the time, one of my earlier posts refers to how we can have a positive impact on our parents mental health.

When they  have had a bad day at work, we are the ones that cheer them up when they get home. Equally they share the good things that happen, and we listen and bounce excitedly. 

japer Although we don’t speak English, we do communicate with our tails, eyes and body language. Sometimes you just might not realise it, but we do communicate all of the time. 

Further more we get our humans communicating, because they have to take us out and about they naturally bump into more people. More people means that they socialise more, more socialisation means more smiles and active brains which equals – Happy !

fam 1

Recently my mum and her family all have been coping with the loss of a close family member and I know they know, I know. The minute I bounce into the room, the mood is lifted and I provide a much welcomed distraction, but that’s my job! I am like the rest of them, members of the family and if that means cheering them all up then that’s just what ill do.


I provide comedy gold or warm fuzzy snuggles, whatever is required the same way that my mum looks after me, checking my health and playing with me. Which is where I make my point, that us pooches play a big role in our families lives. When treated like family, we are family.


 Look after your humans just like they look after you, they need you just as much as you need them.

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  1. Wonderful post. It’s a great reminder of how important our animals are to us. I got my dog, Chase as a puppy after the death of my father. He is eight now, and he’s always by my side. Thanks again, and take care.

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