Jaspers Judgements : Berkeley Dog Beds 

We all need our beauty sleep, our humans and us pooches need equally as much down time. I have got a bad rep for sleeping, anywhere. I will fall asleep in the funniest and most obscure places and it drives my mum, NUTS.


This week I bring to you Jasper Judgements on Berkeley Dog Bedis. It is thought that dogs sleep on average 12-14 hours A DAY, that’s loads. Our humans are told to get 8, and we like to make that quite difficult for them, but how to accumulate a grand total of 14 hours kip some nights?


Armed with such knowledge mum decided we needed to think more carefully about where I was sleeping. After all she knows how knotted her back can get from sleeping all funny, mine too. So the doggie bed gurus at Berkeley Dog Beds have kindly offered to loan me one of their Large Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress and Polar Fleece Cover.


My mum is convinced that a nicer bed will help me learn that the sofa is not just for me, but I am not so sure.

Anyway the bed arrived, in a HUGE box and with a slightly breathless postman at the door. My mum couldn’t believe how heavy the bed was. We got it out the box and I gave it a good sniff, my mums initial reaction was its going to look ace in the living room …. And it feels like quality.

So we put it in my usual ‘day bed’ spot, and I can’t say I was a fan. I kept getting in trouble for trying to scratch at it. Although as time went on and I completed the sniffing required to ensure it was a safe zone again I began to consider it as a sleeping spot.

My friend came to visit at the weekend and she LOVED it, she is a lot smaller than me as you will see in the photos but it just gave her more room to stretch out! Also on this note the fleece cover definitely makes this product great. Its warmth and comfort make it an ideal place for us pooches to curl up, even my mum had a shot!

We did our research and we love the concept of Berkeley Dog Beds, however we were a little bamboozled by the price. We read into the ‘lifetime cost’ argument and agree that there is a good amount of merit in this argument. Although we understand that replacing your dogs bed can cost a lot, there are also some benefits and it means our humans can buy according to our needs. For example I just had blankets until I grew out of my destroyer phase.

 We would recommend this product to pooches who have fully grown and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A real good sleep.

If in any doubt if your pooches pad is suitable, try it out and take a lie down.

Check out All of Berkeley dog beds product here

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