Rain Rain Go Away 

All you pooches out there know the feeling of disbelief when your human finally has some time off (the weekend) and you bound to the window to assess what the walking options are…and. Rain. Unfortuantely being Scottish this is an all to common feeling.

Don’t get me wrong my and my humans go out in the rain all the time – its basically just like going swimming but walking, you get me. But in saying that there are some days that by gosh the rain does not go away so that got us thinking up some fun games to play in the house to stop us all going MAD.

There are a few things we do when it rains, sometimes my mum dabbles in the kitchen pretending to be Deila Smith (but a dog version) and makes some weird carrot and flour mush that she excitedly calls gourmet biscuits. BOKE.

We also curl up and watch movies too, my mum loves that you can search ‘dog’ on Nextflix and every doggie movie you can dream off loads up on the big box. My favourite movie has got to be lassie, what a plot!

Other than those two things we were a little, well stuck. So youtube was used to give us some ideas and we created three little games anyone with a pooch, a living room and a couple of tuperwear boxes can do.

*Please note the more cheese used in this excersize the more likely you are to succeed.
First game, Finders Keeper.
Step 1 – Ask me (nicely) to sit and stay
Step 2 – Pick an object, anything atall just as long as it fits in your container.
Step 3 – Place the chosen object within the container along with your pooches favourite treat. (I love cheese)
Step 4 – Place the container on the floor so that the object and treat are hidden.
Step 5 – Take a step back and call ‘go find’

At this point your pooch should try to nose the box, the second that they do this treat them with another biscuit. Repeat this process again and again until you and your pooch are confident with all the steps !
Once you have mastered this, ask your pooch to sit and stay whilst you humans hide the same container this time with an even bigger or better treat. Once the box is hidden (start easy, for example in the next door room) give the call and us pooches will use our noses to search. Reward us when we find it or we will lose interest real fast!



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