Jaspers Judgements : CC Bear 

As you know, Jaspers Judgements are now in full swing and we are delighted this week to bring you another fabulously British product CC.Bear.   

Instantly we loved the feel, look and smell of this product. When I opened up the box with a woof of excitement I was memorised by the vibrant colours that met my doggie eyes! I thought to myself, I could definitely sniff these out in a store, and my mum couldn’t miss them if she tried.

We did a little research into them and CC Bear are all things health. While our hoomans are on a health kick, why shouldn’t we be! We love that the products are all;

Whole Foods & Wellness Based 

Organic & All Natural 

Vegan & Cruelty Free 

Gluten, Soya & Dairy-Free 

Locally Supplied
Whilst we love how nutritious these doggie treats are, we were a little sceptical as to the taste…  

So we have to be honest, we didn’t love them all. In fact I hated one of the products (Heart Smart) so much that I spat it out every time my mum fed it to me…. And once I had worked it out I wouldn’t even go near her when the pick pouch appeared.

However the other three products that I tried were absolutely a HIT. Particularly the Well Being treats, I just loved them so much I could not believe they were really finished! My mum enjoyed having new treats out on walks too and showing off the cute little paw shaped treats to her friends.

I would definitiately recommend these treats and for a number of reasons!

  • Firstly, I love the brand. From the colours to the concept this is a brand that I believe deserves to be on the big stage.
  • Secondly, while our hoomans get more consumed by healthy alternatives to treats we are being left behind. CC Bear bridge the divide and help keep us pooches on the straight and narrow too, because we all know that the hips don’t lie.
  • Finally we enjoyed (mostly) trying something a little different that I haven’t seen before and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of treats.

Don’t forget to check out CC Bear for even more detail on their products and ingredients, or better still place your orders by clicking HERE.
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