Jaspers Judgements: Dr Zoopets 

As a dog, like you humans, I now and again enjoy a little me time. Dr Zoo Pets products offer you JUST that.
My mum always moans at me because I tend to get real stinky when we go out on walks, from rolling in cow patt to swimming in swamps I am the number one stink bomb. What’s worse is, although I love water I don’t really like the hose…. In fact I am terrified of it!

So when Dr Zoopets sent us their goodies my mum had a real big challenge on her hands. We took things slow and steady and hey it wasn’t so bad and I smell so super fresh now! We didn’t managed to wash all of the conditioner out of my coat cause I needed to shake..but that’s okay because you don’t NEED to wash it out!

We also tried out the sun cream, something we haven’t seen before! We’re not sure how we feel about it because I just liked to lick it off my nose, but hey if you get sunburnt pooches or are too silly to find shade I’m sure this is a great product for you.

But all this aside the star of the show has to be … the Paw Butter. I got foot massages out of this and BOY did I love it! My mum says that in the summer my paws are very dry so she helped me out by applying this butter! It tastes great and you get to spend some 1 on 1 time with your hooman!

We hope you enjoyed our jaspers judgements and next we will bring you our review of some new treats that we have been trying, all natural all good.
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