Jaspers Judgements: NEOH & NOBO 

Wonderful doggie friends, I bring to you an organic, good for the sole, all singing and dancing doggie bakehouse.

Neoh & Nobo kindly let us try some of their delicious bakehouse bests and here is what we thought!


We are always looking for something a little different and Neoh & Nobo offer just that! From the branding to the crunch we are 100% converted to Neoh & Nobo’s bakehouse for dogs and here’s why…

  1. Firstly we love showing them off at the park, no pets at home pick ‘n’ mix for me this week! 
  2. Secondly a big dog like me needs a big biscuit and that is most definitely what you get. 
  3. And the flavour, I actually stood and barked at my first butternut and vanilla bean biscuit because I thought it might have been alive it smelt so good.
  4. Lastly, you can collect bone points! Who needs a pets at home VIP card when this alternative is on offer!

Wither your trying to loose a few pounds and just want (1 really good biscuit) or your learning new tricks Neoh & Nobo have something for you! That you can be sure will only be good for you teeth, coat and tummy.

I enjoyed thier products so much, I asked them a few questions back at HQ to get to know the mastermind behind this business! Any here is what the answers were: 

What motivated you to start Neoh & Nobo? 

Our inspiration is always our pup Neoh, who is truly missed! I always preferred baking for him instead of buying store brought alternatives, mainly because I knew exactly what he was consuming, as well as it being a cost effective way to treat Neoh aka The Biscuit Monster! I’ve always wanted to set off on my own venture, so here I am today giving it a go and bringing together my two passions, dogs and baking!

Have you always been paw lovers? 

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved animals, with dogs’ being the favourite! My most treasured memory is being greeted by this little ball of fur on my 15th birthday, who we named Neoh, and i’ve been head over heels since!

Why now!?

Well, after having planned the brand for several years, in between studying and working, I felt as though now was the time to introduce something a little different to the world of pups and I hope you all join us for this amazing journey.

We cannot wait to try some more of their range, and when we do you’ll know! 

What isn’t to love about combining ones passion for dogs and baking 🐾  

Check out Neoh & Nobo here on Instagram of even better put your orders in Here

Remember to check my Instagram

P.S there is even a cheeky 10% off when you sign up at https://www.neohandnobo.com/


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