Calling all Pawparents

So like most of you wagtastic pooches out there, our careres (dogmoms and dogdads) are continuously glued to our hip! We can’t shake em …

But we do a lot for our pawparents too, right ? RIGHT. 

Other than the obvious, I.e being adorable at every given moment. We actually do a lot more for our hoomans that you might realise (even science says so).

See photo above : sometimes we even act as pillows when required.

But we do seriously a bring a lot to the table like for example, it’s a known fact that petting us (which by the way we love) reduces blood pressure and lowers our paw parents heart rates. HI5 

Im assuming here but we must make them fitter … Sometimes my pawparents get home from a walk and need a nap more than me, but it’s good for the waistline I tell them. 

Studies also suggest that our pawparents have better mental health. That’s not to say we don’t drive them nuts sometimes…. but genuinely we can be a good pair of ears and we only ask for food in return. 

And lastley, we are hilarious. Here’s my best impression of ET. 

Shout out to all the pooches out there making our pawparents better people. 

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  1. Oh yeah, buddy! You got it all right. When Mom takes me to the VA to do therapy work with old soldiers, you should see them sit up and smile as soon as they see me. Then they say the word, “Cupcake’s here!”

    Love and licks,


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