TastyBone Review 

Us labradors know about all the difficulties finding a toy that lasts! I am happy to report I have found a bone that seems to pass the test of time.

I bring you Tastybone!

Here are just some of the reason you have to try this product if your a crazy chewer like me or just a casual nibbler.

  1. There exactly as you would hope tasty. With such a range of flavours even the fussiest of pooches can find one to love.
  2. They keep our brains active! When it’s a dull day, then this bone is the perfect indoor challenge. We get tired even thinking about all the chewing!
  3. I have the most pearly white teeth and no more tooth brushing! Although my hoomans occasionally get the chicken toothpaste out, with the dental trio bone from tastybone my teeth are always squeaky clean.

There are many other reasons we love the tastybone range but would love to hear from you and why you love them too!

NOTE: Humans should watch their toes, they hurt so very much if you stand on one !

Check out Tastybone for more wagtastic photos and products.

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