Learning New Tricks 

Like all of us I too love to learn new exciting things. My hoomans must think I’m really smart because there trying to teach me everything all at once.

They seem to forgot that like them I have lots of other things going on too! Like working out how to get the ham out of the fridge or where I’m going to burry my next bone! These are all very real, considerations I must make on a daily basis.

Lately my mum, who thinks she’s the dog whisperer, has been trying to teach me how to play dead. DEAD! 

First she showed me how to lie motionless (time for a quick nap). Then how to role into that position (eaaaaasy, that’s the way for belly rubs too) then lastly to sit which is almost insulting. Then we do all the actions together … and she shreaks when I do it (crazy).

But young pups, there is one thing to learn from all this the hoomans have great biscuit game so make the most of it !

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  1. Oh dear new friend. My mom is always trying to teach me new things. As if, right?! Once my dad even ate a pig treat just to show me how to do it. Rolling my piggy eyes. I kept playing dumb because the look on dad’s face eating that treat was hilarious. Snorts with piggy laughter.
    If you would like to participate in my weekly Spotlight Thursday and be interviewed, please send me an email at baconthompson@gmail.com It would be awesome for peeps to get to know you ❤ XOXO – Bacon

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