Sunday Sessions

Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

This week we bring you a fellow Jasper, Enjoy . Name : Jasper Breed : Sprocker Spaniel Age : 1 year and 6 months Location : Plymouth, Devon Instagram : 1, Since your called Jasper too, we are interested to know, why did you're humans call you Jasper ? Humum is a huge Disney fan and… Continue reading Sunday Session: One Jasper to Another

Doggie Blog

Helping Humans With Life

INSTAGRAM So often our humans refer to us as "fur babies"  or a human "family" , my mum calls me "the wee man" and the haters out there squaff and point out that we are ‘just animals’. Recently my humans lost a close family member, and I could just tell my mum just needed me. So… Continue reading Helping Humans With Life

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Jaspers Judgements : CC Bear 

As you know, Jaspers Judgements are now in full swing and we are delighted this week to bring you another fabulously British product CC.Bear.    Instantly we loved the feel, look and smell of this product. When I opened up the box with a woof of excitement I was memorised by the vibrant colours that… Continue reading Jaspers Judgements : CC Bear